Our Vision

Most people love to sing because singing makes us happy. For some, singing Gospel music means living their faith. For others, it’s an experience of joy and community and best of all, Gospel music is the embodiment of love, power,energy, faith, trust, appreciation, and community. And this is exactly where we start – with Gospel Goes DiverCity.

Gospel Goes DiverCity is more than a gospel workshop. It is an international mega ­ event which aims to connect the vitality and passion of Gospel music with the powerful positive potential of our world’s diversity. We deliberately chose Gospel as our genre because Gospel music is a living experience, always changing, always healing and always empowering. With Gospel Goes DiverCity, we want to give a voice to all people who ­ just like us ­ see diversity as a chance to learn from each other and grow together.

In the spirit of continuous giving, we will donate 50 percent of the income from our Events to charitable organizations or causes.

It is our vision that Love is Louder! Love is “louder” than hatred and fear. We believe in the power of Gospel music to serve as a catalyst to helping all people come together in that Love. And so, we will stand and work together to create and strengthen ways to: overcome biases, prejudices and all forms of discrimination, exclusion and hatred build bridges of loving connection from person to person and nation to nation welcome, hear and leverage diverse perspectives and experiences for the good of all empower and inspire people to celebrate and esteem the diversity of our global community Gospel Goes DiverCity is open to people of all ages, races, religions, nationalities, beliefs, cultural or educational backgrounds, sexual orientations, etc.

We will donate the income from this event to the construction of a Maternity in Bamena, a small village in Cameroon.

We invite all who feel connected to the Gospel spirit to join us!


Artistic Director

Calvin Bridges ­- The Artistic Director of Gospel Goes DiverCity, is not only a singer but a producer, songwriter and vocal coach. He has studied at the Southern Theological Seminary, Chicago State University, and Kennedy King Community College. Calvin’s musical career spans more than 30 years, with 20 years experience of international appearances, headlining festivals and concerts and teaching Gospel music workshops. He is a Grammy­ nominated writer and two ­time Stellar Award winner performing with such luminaries as Stevie Wonder, Edwin Hawkins, the Oslo Gospel Choir, Patti Labelle and many others. Calvin Bridges has brought our team together and – even more – he has inspired us as a spiritual and musical mentor. We are more than excited to support him in this journey as he has been Chosen to do a work for the Master!

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Our social responsability

In receiving so much so we are also very dedicated to give back. We feel that we as part of the world community have a social responsibility to give back, where we had the privilege to receive. Therefore we are commited to donate 30-50% of our final concert income at every Gospel Goes DiverCity Event  to a good cause.

This year we have chosen the following project:

The artists we invite are as invested in giving back as we are. That is why they will give a free Concert at a local hospital in Milan.